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TITLE:   Fighting Fuzzy Thinking in Poker Gaming and Life Expanded Edition
AUTHOR:   David Sklansky
Fighting Fuzzy Thinking in Poker Gaming and Life Expanded Edition
DESCRIPTION:   Paperback Book 330 Pages
SKU:   9781880682457

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This volume is a collection of recent articles written by David Sklansky that have appeared in various publications including Card Player, Poker World and the Two Plus Two Poker Strategy Magazine. A few have never before appeared in print. Most of the articles are about poker or gambling. However, David has recently branched out into other areas that lend themselves to his unique style of analysis and some of these essays are contained in this book. From the original book, “Poker and Gaming”.

Topics include Being a Favorite, Are Great Players Born? Talent Versus Discipline, The Importance of Position, Never Go Broke, When Time is Not of the Essence, and Is Your Wallet Fat Enough? “Life” topics include What It Is that Makes an Issue Controversial, Coincidences, Some Thoughts on Dying, Legitimate Grievances, and Crime and Punishment.

This expanded addition also contains 32 additional essays, many of which address no-limit hold ’em. “Essays for the Expanded Edition” include Pros Versus Wannabes, Bluff Raising as the Big Blind, Evaluating Expected Value, and Expert Non-Optimum Random Strategy. Though these essays vary greatly in content, you will find them very thought provoking. Thus, Two Plus Two Publishing proudly brings you these latest examples of David Sklansky’s work.

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